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9+ Reasons Why Innovation Is The Key To Great Customer Experience.

Updated: Feb 28

Great Customer Experience.

Innovation is an integral part of shaping Customer Experience. What can be more integral to CX than the product experience itself?

But why is innovation so important? That’s because an innovative business always has a competitive advantage over others, it can meet the changing expectations of its customers, personalize to its customers’ needs, solve problems if any, truly connect with its customers, and build a long-lasting bond.

As consumer needs shift, so does a brand’s responsibility to keep ideating afresh and continue to innovate on their products and services, to deliver on these changes. In fact, it is pertinent for the brand’s very survival in the long run.

In this blog post, you will learn why companies must innovate, what happens if they don’t and what are the ultimate benefits of innovation.

How companies choose innovation over failure

Let’s take the example of the Amazon Kindle. The birth of the Kindle idea came from the insight that people want to carry with them, multiple books at the same time but it becomes physically bothersome to do so.

The concept to digitize books and have as many as you want, on a light device was an answer to that problem. At the time, Amazon was largely an online book seller and the Kindle challenged the primary book selling model.

Yet, the decision to go forth with it, was taken because the belief was that it was the right thing to do, for the customers. Of course, we now know that the models have eventually become complementary and co-exist. But the fact remains, that it was a brave call at that time, solely led by a changing consumer need to offer great customer experience.


What if companies don’t choose innovation?

Many companies that failed to acknowledge such customer evolutionary trends and chose to “protect” their then prevailing model and /or failed to innovate, have since been wiped out from the market place.

Examples of Kodak, Nokia, Blockbuster, Blackberry. All great brands offering great solutions at their time. But chose to ignore the change of tide and consumer behavior.

The “turf-protective” decisions proved too costly in the long run. As they had to pay either by a highly shrunken revenue / market share or even bankruptcy/ closure of the company due to sharply reducing consumer demand.

10 Reasons why innovation is crucial for great customer experience.

Competitive Advantage

In today's business landscape, competition is fierce. Companies that continuously innovate in their products, services, and customer interactions gain a competitive advantage. Customers are naturally drawn to businesses that offer something new and better, making innovation a key driver of great customer experience differentiation.

Meeting Evolving Expectations

Customer expectations are continually evolving. Innovation enables businesses to adapt to these changing expectations by offering new features, improved usability, and more personalized experiences. Stagnant companies risk falling behind and failing to meet customer demands.

Efficiency and Convenience

Innovation can streamline processes, making interactions more efficient and convenient for customers. This can include things like self-service options, chatbots, and AI-powered solutions that reduce wait times and provide immediate assistance.


Innovation allows for greater personalization in CX. By leveraging data and technology, businesses can tailor experiences to individual preferences, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Problem Solving

Innovation often focuses on solving customer pain points. Whether it's addressing common issues, simplifying complex processes, or providing novel solutions, innovations lead to a smoother, more enjoyable and great customer experiene.

Product and Service Enhancements

Innovations in products and services can lead to higher-quality offerings. Customers appreciate new features, improved reliability, and enhanced performance, all of which contribute to a great customer experience.

Adaptation to Market Changes

Markets are dynamic, and external factors can impact CX. Businesses that innovate can respond more effectively to changes in customer behavior, economic conditions, or market disruptions.

Emotional Connection

Innovation can create an emotional connection between customers and a brand. When a company consistently surprises and delights customers with novel ideas and creative solutions, it builds a stronger, more enduring relationship.

Brand Image and Reputation

Brands that are seen as innovative are often perceived as forward-thinking and customer-centric. This positive reputation can attract more customers and inspire confidence and loyalty among existing ones.

Feedback Loop

Innovations can be driven by customer feedback. When customers see that a company listens to their suggestions and actively works to implement improvements, it fosters trust and strengthens the CX.


In short, innovation is essential for CX because it ensures a business remains relevant, and adapts to changing customer needs. Provides efficient and convenient interactions, personalizes experiences, and builds a strong, lasting connection between the brand and its customers.

Ultimately, a commitment to innovation is a key driver of success in today's customer-centric business environment.

If you think this post was helpful, then check out the upcoming CX trends. So, that your innovation department can innovate around them to elevate your business.

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